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Evanthia Reboutiska


Greek composer and violinist Evanthia Reboutsika was born and raised in Greece.

She grew up in Kato Achaia Patron, where her father owned a cinema. As a child, Evanthia loved listening to the soundtracks of the film. This led her to her passion, composing music for films, documentaries and TV series.

She learned to play the violin at the age of 6 at The Conservatory of Patras. She, along with her three sisters and their brother, formed a string ensemble and toured throughout Greece and abroad. She later studied at the Athens Conservatory, Greek Conservatory, and the Ecole Normale de Music in Paris.

In 1970, Evanthia relocated to Athens where she completed her studies at the Athens and Hellenic Conservatories under the guidance of some of the finest tutors in Greece.

Evanthia graduated from Ecole Normale De Music of Paris in 1977 and then returned to Greece. As a violinist, she worked with many important Greek composers and singers.

In 1992, she composed the album “Sti limni me tis paparounes” for Kristy Stasinopoulou, together with composer Panayiotis Kalantzopoulos. She then joined Yiannis Kotsiras, a promising singer back then, and with Panayiotis Kalantzopoulos and lyricist Aris Davarakis, they wrote songs for the album “Athoos enochos” in 1995.

Evanthia continued her partnership with Yiannis Kotsiras on his second album. Evanthia composed the entire album “Mono ena fili” and Eleni Zioga wrote the lyrics. “Mono ena fili” was highly successful, certified double platinum. She continued to compose the music for various TV series such as “Esi apofasizeis”, “Prodosia”, “Athina Thessaloniki”, “Aithousa tou thronou”, “Petrina Liondaria” and many others.

Evanthia’s next album was primarily instrumental. It was released in 1998 and titled “To asteri kai I efchi.” This album features collaborations with singers such as the soprano Sonia Theodoridou, Elli Paspala and Caroline Lavelle. Even though instrumental records are not very popular in Greece the album became gold.

In May 2000, “Mikres istories” was released. This album is, again, mainly instrumental, featuring vocalist Eleftheria Arvanitaki on two of the songs, with lyrics by Lina Nikolakopoulou and Eleni Zioga. Soprano Mariana Rigaki performed an aria as well.

“Ine diki mas I zoi mas” came out in December 2000. It was the third time she collaborated with Yiannis Kotsiras. Aris Davarakis wrote the lyrics.

Evanthia currently collaborates with the symphony orchestra of Third Program and participates in "Music of August" organized by Manos Hadjidakis. She is also currently on tour and is finishing a CD where she is collaborating with singer George Perris. There are also some projects in the works for winter.

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"Golden Lion of Alexandria" for her cultural contribution

First Music Prize at the London Greek Film Festival for the OST "Letters Without Receiver"

Discovery Award at the World Soundtrack Awards for the OST "Babam ve oglum"

Soundtrack of the year at the Radyo Bogazici Muzik Odulleri for the OST "Babam ve oglum"

Best Soundtrack Award at the Thessaloniki International Film Festival for the OST "A Touch of Spice".

She has been awarded by the Ecumenical Federation of Constantinople for her contribution as a Benefactor in cultural relations of Turkey and Greece.

Yuksel Aksu! Yuksel Aksu! Odysseus award of London Greek Festival 2012 at the Michael Cacoyannis Foundation for her work in the historical documentary "Letters never received", directed by Ilias Dimitriou.


1968 (2018) Composer

Christmas Anti-fable (2017) Composer

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Notias (2016) Composer

Nadide Hayat (2015) Composer

Iftarlik Gazoz Composer

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Letters Never Received (2012) Composer

Plunder from a Bleeding Land (2010) Composer

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Uranya (2006) Musician (violin)

My Father and My Son (2005) Composer, Music ("Bir Sans Daha")

The Voice of the Aegean (2004) Composer

A Touch of Spice (2003) Composer, Soundtrack ("Halkidon", "The Railway Station", "The Market", "Panagia Valoukliotissa")


Oi glykes alhimeies taxidevoun (2018 - ) TV Series, Title Music

Captain Jokes Parrot's Disaster of the Caribbean (2017) TV Movie, Composer (theme music), Soundtrack ("Politike Kouzina Soundtrack Theme")

Megaloi Ellines (2009 -  ), TV Series, Composer

Grammata horis paralipti (2007), TV Movie, Composer

Alma libra (2001 -  ), TV Series, Composer

I althousa tou thronou (1998-1999), TV Series, Composer

Gia sena (1998 -  ), TV Series, Composer

Athina-Thessalonike (1997), TV Series

Pros tin elefteria (1996)

Prodosia (1996 -  ), TV Series, Music ("Prodosia")

For You (1994) TV Series

Stone Lions,  (1993) TV Series

Hotel Armore (1990), TV Series, Assistant Composer

Oi teleftaioi eggonoi (1990 -  ), TV Series, Composer


Giannis Tsarouhis: Enas stohastis tis ellinikotitas (2010), TV Movie, Herself

Personal albums, documentaries and TV series

What Does the Fox Say (Childrens album) (2014)

To Where You Leave Hope (2012) Composer

An Autumn Story (2009) Composer

Great Greeks (2009) Composer

Dance of the Stars (2007) Composer

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