Who are we?


Here at The Intrigue Group, we try to make every experience as spectacular as could be. We own and operate three television stations in the New Haven, Hartford and Providence areas, which produce content for entertainment, food and music lovers alike. If you're not in these areas no worries as you can check out all of our content on our Roku Worldwide Channel. Our shows are fun and informative, and we hope to provide you with a truly intriguing experience.

But that's not all... We are also strong believers in community,  and we do our best to focus our programming around local businesses and local people. On top of that we promote Eat Drink Play, which is a fantastic way to find local events in the Hartford and Providence areas. In addition to these events, we urge everyone to get out there and to do something, anything for your own community, with our outreach program Dare to Care.

Check us out on Channel 31 in Providence, Channel 32 in Hartford, and Channel 34 in New Haven, or download our app on Roku Worldwide and stream out content whenever you want. We can also be found on Amazon Fire TV and Google Chromecast.

We hope you are inspired and intrigued by us!  Don't forget to keep up with on on Facebook, Twitter and Soundcloud!




Here at the Intrigue Group we like to have fun! That's why we surround ourselves with awesome people and amazing places. Join us!