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Looking to Submit?

Do you have content you'd like to see featured on Intrigue TV?

We are currently accepting submissions for:

  • Feature Length Films

  • Short Form Films

  • Television Series

Intrigue TV's vast Distribution Network reaches audiences across numerous platforms:

  • On-Air Broadcast

  • Roku Worldwide

  • Social Media Networks

  • Other Major Networks

  • Live Stream (Coming this Summer)

Interested? Please e-mail your submission (DropBox Link/Vimeo Link/Etc.) to PD@intriguetv.com.

What Channels are we on?


Our Stations broadcast throughout the Hartford, West Hartford and Providence Areas. We have the Intrigue.TV network running on the air. If you are not in these areas no worries as we also stream all of our content on Roku Worldwide. We make a TV experience that captures your attention and gives you something fun to watch with friends and family no matter what you like. So cut your cable cord, get a digital antenna and enjoy tons of free channels like the one you're watching right now. Scroll down to view which channel is the one for you!


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BOSTON, MA Channel 31

You will find Intrigue.TV on channel 31.1.


Roku Worldwide Channel


You can stream any and all of our shows directly on your TV through our new Roku Worldwide Channel! Just search for Intrigue.TV! 


Check us out on Amazon's fire TV! Where all of our original programming can be streamed 24/7. Search for Intrigue.TV! 


Please E-Mail content submissions (DropBox Link/Vimeo Link/Etc.) to: