Artem Korolev

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“My career started in a very weird way.  At 12 I became a huge fan of Harry Potter world and was all waiting for the owl to fly and bring me the letter from Hogwarts. But somehow it didn’t happen. I waited for two years and decided since I cant mark in life with unique potion recipes and new spell formulas, I had to find another way how to make my presence in life memorable.”

Working on several FM radio stations, owning a live radio show, and a small acting experience, which began not long ago. Last year, Artem played the role of a Russian journalist, who came to cover the World Dance Battle in the Dream Team movie by Sony Pictures and Screen Gem.

Today, he is the face of MTV Russia, hosting the most popular program – MTV News, and frequently take part in various projects of other channels. A month ago he was invited to become a part of the new Russian project in the UK – the Internet TV, which is aimed both at the Russian and the British audience. He will be working in two languages.